What is the 5:2 Diet intermittent fasting?


What is the 5:2 Diet intermittent fasting?

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The 5:2 Diet Intermittent Fasting method, also called the fast diet involves 5 days where you can eat what you like and two days where you restrict your calories to 500-600 per day. You can pick your own fast days and they can be consecutive days. This method of fasting is aimed at those who want to lose weight without changing what they eat and those who want a long-term, sustainable way to maintain their weight.

"What is the 5:2 Diet intermittent fasting?"

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This fasting method was popularized by a British doctor and journalist Michael Mosley. During the fast days, women eat 500 calories per day while men eat 600 calories. You can spread your calorie intake between several meals throughout the day or just one meal a day.

During your fast days, it is recommended that you eat foods that are high in protein and fiber, like fish, meat, and vegetables. These will make you feel full and decrease hunger pangs. You should also avoid foods made from refined cards or those that are rich in sugar. These include avoiding pasta, rice, and potatoes as well as sweets.

You can drink coffee, tea, and other no calories/low calories drinks. You are also allowed to add some milk to your tea or coffee. It is also generally recommended that you avoid alcohol on your fast days since it’s high in calories and when you have 500-600 calories for the day, you don’t want to use a big part of that on alcohol. You can workout during your fast days.

On the non-fast days, it’s important to avoid over-eating as this will negate the benefits you get from the work you put in on your fast days.

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