What are Some Good Paleo Protein bars?

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The Paleo Diet is a diet that resembles what a human would have eaten at the beginning of human civilization, the stone age. Finding food that fits these strict guidelines can be difficult, having a healthy option available in a ready to eat format will help to fight the urge to eat something non paleo due to hunger. The top 5 paleo protein bars are RXBars, Paleo Simplified, NoGii, Exo, and Epic protein bars.

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Trying to find healthy food when on the go can be difficult especially if you are following a paleo diet. Having a good paleo protein bar handy can save you from hunger or from grabbing a burger or pizza because that is the only option that you have. We’ve found some of the best paleo protein bars for you to try.

Best Paleo Protein Bars
  1.     RXBars – These are one of the best paleo protein bars on the market with all of the flavors having less than 5 ingredients. The main substance of these bars is dates and egg whites with some kind of nuts. You will get 12 grams of protein from one bar with 17 grams of sugar, all coming from the fruit.
  2.     Paleo Simplified – This paleo protein bar was more like a flavored brownie than a meal. It was very smooth and brownie like in texture with 6 grams of protein and 19 grams of sugar. The main ingredient of the bar is dates with nuts and hemp protein.
  3.     NoGii – This is more like a typical protein bar with a lot of flavor. It is a great gluten free, dairy free, and soy free option. These bars contain about 4 grams of protein and 17 grams of sugar.
  4.     Exo – This protein bar is the most unique with crickets being the main source of protein. It has a similar consistency to the RXBars with a sweeter taste. You will get 10 grams of protein with 16 grams of sugar from this bar.
  5.     Epic – If you like savory, this could be the paleo protein bar for you. Similar to a jerky, this bar is mostly meat and has the same dry consistency as a jerky. This bar contains about 10 grams of protein with 9 grams of sugar.


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