What are some non-dairy protein powders?

Quick Answer:

Soy protein, pea protein, hemp protein, brown rice protein, and egg white protein are all non-dairy protein powders that can add extra protein to your diet. Most of these supplements are not complete proteins, meaning they don’t have all the essential amino acids that the body needs from food, except soy protein.

Full Answer:

There is no one protein that is better for everyone. Each person has different goals for performance and diet. To find the right non-dairy protein option for you choose the qualities that work best with to achieve your goals. If you are looking to lose weight a pea protein can give you added protein with no fat, soy can give you a complete protein if you are looking to improve performance, etc.

Egg White Protein:

This is a runnier protein that is best when mixed with other supplements or food. It may also cause gas if taken solo. Protein content is about 25 grams of per 30 gram serving which is comparable to whey or casein protein. This non-dairy protein digests at a medium speed making it a good source of energy.

Soy Protein:

Soy protein is the most complete non-dairy protein since it contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Choosing a plant-based protein, such as soy, over whey will give you the same amount of protein with less fat and cholesterol. There are some studies showing that processed soy may increase estrogen and therefore increase the risk of diseases such as breast cancer.

Plant based proteins:

Pea protein is a cheaper supplement that is also free of fat, cholesterol, and gluten. Hemp protein provides some of the essential amino acids as well as fatty acid and fiber. You will get about 15 grams of protein per 30 grams.

Non-dairy plant based protein powders can benefit anyone who is looking to add protein to their diet that is dairy free and vegan. Athletes, those trying to lose weight and growing children can benefit from increasing protein and other benefits that come from adding a plant based protein supplement. Some of the best dairy free protein powder brands include; Vega, Sunwarrior, and Garden of Life.

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