What is Warrior Diet intermittent fasting?

What is Warrior Diet intermittent fasting?

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This involves fasting for 20 hours every day, followed by a 4-hour eating window. It requires you to underfeed for 20 hours (including your sleep time) and overfeed for 4 hours, at night. During the 4-hour feeding window.

"What is Warrior Diet intermittent fasting?"

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The Warrior Diet is the work of Ori Hofmekler. The structure of the diet is based on principles that can be summarized by this quote:

“Our ancestors consumed food much less frequently and often had to subsist on one large meal per day, and thus from an evolutionary perspective, human beings were adapted to intermittent feeding rather than to grazing.”

Ori Hofmekler, therefore, believes that humans are inherently nocturnal eaters and programmed for one big meal per day. He traces today’s growing epidemics of obesity, diabetes and other metabolic syndrome-related disorders to the fact that we consume too many meals and eat them at the wrong time. The Warrior Diet is therefore designed with these facts in mind.

The Warrior Diet is divided into two periods: Undereating and Overeating.

The undereating period, which is the fasting period lasts from morning till evening. During this time, you are allowed to consume small servings of fresh fruits, vegetables, whey protein, yogurt or kefir. You should avoid grains, meats, and refined food as well as sugary treats and beverages.

The overeating period, which occurs at night is when you eat your one main meal of the day. You are allowed to eat as much as you want as long as you incorporate as many tastes, textures, colors, and aromas as possible in your meal.

You are allowed to workout during the fasting period. You can take coffee, cocoa, green tea and pasture raised grass-fed whey as pre-workout nutrition.

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